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Sales Associate / Work From Home

Job Description:

Seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our Legal Shield team, working from home as an associate with our company. Work with individuals and businesses who want trust established and need total access to Law Firms without paying high hourly rates. Direct clients to Law Firms for consultation, written letters, debt collection, document review, Wills, motor vehicle assistance, civil suits, IRS Audits & much more. In this entrepreneurial, consultative sales position, you will be responsible for building a business by providing Legal and Identity Theft Protection & Restoration services.


  • Prospecting for clients on a referral basis

  • Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients

  • Listening empathetically, gathering facts, analyzing needs, and making responsible recommendations

  • Expanding personal knowledge and skills through joint work with fellow associates


  • Integrity and Strong Work Ethic

  • Independent & Team Spirit

  • Confidence and Resiliency

  • Coachable

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Desire to Succeed

Legal Shield is an international company established in 1972 offering a high-quality, cost effective, legal and ID Theft service. Join the Legal Revolution paying you the money you deserve, giving the time that you always wanted, and the freedom you have always desired. Our objective is to give every American the legal access they deserve but can't afford by revolutionizing the legal industry. We help our associates achieve success by working with them every step of the way through mentoring and training programs. Our Company has paid over $1 Billion to Associates and our team had been paid over $360 Million over the last decade, creating 100's of yearly 6 figure earners from home, and we look forward to helping you make your dreams come true and being a part of your Success.

No experience is necessary and comprehensive training will be provided. Competitive benefits package** available. For more information, please visit the following web sites or submit your resume for application to :